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Liquid Bulk Container Liner

Thrace Group Liquid Bulk Container Liner has an outer skin of polypropylene fabric and an inner skin of polyethylene film, made to fit the 20' sea containers.


The Liquid Bulk Container Liner is used for protecting liquids when transporting and storing them in sea containers.


  1. An efficient, safe and modern way for storing and transporting liquids in sea containers, while eliminating extra costs for long distance transports of small packaging.
  2. White fabric colour is standard - other colours on demand.
  3. Made in many different designs to fit the needs of the loader, the cargo and the recipient.
  4. Equipped with valves for filling and discharging.
  5. Typical size / capacity: 740x400cm / approx. 24,000 lt. Tailor-made solutions available upon specific customer demands.
  6. The inner skin is often a multi-layer liner with different barrier characteristics.
  7. Typical accessories: PP woven bulk heads, metal bars, wooden bars, cores.


Suitable for a large range of liquid products, both food (wine, fruit juices, mineral water, concentrates, vegetable oils, etc) and non-food (detergents, lubricants, printing inks, emulsions, natural latex, etc).



  • Thrace Polybulk AS