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Torodon® self reinforcing polypropylene (srPP) is a composite material with unique properties. High impact strength and low density make Torodon® the preferred choice in cases where strength and weight saving are key parameters.


Torodon® is an environmentally friendly material as it is 100% recyclable, and the fact that it has no glass reinforcement attributes to its considerable advantages in both processing and machining. With opportunities in ballistics and blast containment, passenger luggage, construction and automotive, Torodon® can be developed to suit an extensive range of product markets.


  1. High impact strength and abrasion resistant.
  2. Non-toxic and inert.
  3. Easily thermoformed with a broad thermoprocessing window.
  4. Unique price/performance benefit.
  5. Free of glass fibre.
  6. 100% recyclable.


Ballistics, armour and security panelling, blast protection, personal applications, automotive exterior and interior panelling, luggage, loudspeaker cones, concrete shuttering.

For more information about Torodon® please visit



  • Don & Low Ltd

    Technical Fabrics
    Forfar, Angus, Scotland
    United Kingdom