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Reel Bags for Automatic Filling

Reel Bags for Automatic Filling

Reel Bags for Automatic Filling

1-loop, 4-loop or 5-loop big bags wound onto rolls


Big bags for automatic filling lines


  1. The bags are wound onto PVC cores.
  2. Outer diameter of a roll is approx. 115 cm.
  3. The rolls are shipped to customers stacked on pallets 3-4 high.
  4. Stacking the rolls is a cost-effective way of transporting and storing due to material saving - less wooden pallets needed.
  5. The big bags can be delivered on pallets for manual filling lines or on reels for automatic filling lines.
  6. High accuracy in producing the reel bags ensures that the automatic filling lines run smoothly.


The reel bags are developed for automatic filling lines suitable for a big range of bulk products: fertilisers, fish-feed, seeds, resins, chemicals, powders etc.



  • Thrace Polybulk AS