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FFP2 Masks

FFP2 Masks

FFP2 Masks

FFP2 Masks

FFP2 Masks

PROTECTIVE MASKS FFP2, Thrace Series 902 Advanced
Certified according EN 149:2001+A1:2009 and based on the standards of the European regulation (EU) 2016/425 for PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).


The FFP2 Thrace Series 902 Advanced protective masks:

  • Provide the highest protection from the inhalation of contaminants or pollutants in the form of aerosols, droplets or small solid particles and from the dispersion of airborne particles, both to the wearer, as well as those around.
  • They consist of 5 protective fabric layers, something that provides excellent filtering with almost zero leaks.
  • They are designed in a way to provide stability and comfort while using them.

The fabrics, the nose wires, the ear loops and the masks are produced by Thrace Group.


  1. With bacterial filtration efficiency (PFE) ≥ 94%.
  2. They are comprised of five different layers of: nonwoven, Spunbond & meltblown fabrics. (S-HAC-M-M-S).
  3. They provide highly efficient filtration.
  4. With a 2-layered filter meltblown of 25 gr/m2.
  5. They provide perfect fit with minimal chance of penetration or particle leak.
  6. Highly durable.
  7. With one ear loop on each side.
  8. With integrated nose wires for the optimal fit.
  9. Skin-friendly, comfortable to use and odor free.
  10. Latex free
  11. They are manufactured using raw material that fully complies with EU certifications.
  12. Complying with EN 149:2001+A1:2009.
  13. Covid Shield Certification Scheme Level: Excellent.
  14. ISO 13485:2016 & ISO 9001:2015 Certifications.
  15. Made in Greece.


FFP2 Thrace Series 902 Advanced masks can be customized to cover specific branding needs.

  • Size: adult
  • Colours: white, also a wide variety of colors on request
  • Print: Logo debossing capability
  • Packaging: Paper box with individual plastic bags for each mask
  • Quantity: 5&20 pieces, per package


  • Intended for medical or private use, to protect from the dispersion of airborne particles.
  • Suitable for use in industrial environment, ideal for particle filtering.


FFP2 Declaration of Conformity - Thrace Series 902 Advanced WHITE (GR)
FFP2 Declaration of Conformity - Thrace Series 902 Advanced BLACK (GR)



  • Thrace Polyfilms S.A.