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PP Yarns for Webbings and Ropes

Polypropylene Multifilament Yarns of high and medium tenacity. They come in three different types (Intermingled, Twisted, Cabled), with a wide denier range varying from 300 to 22,000.


Thrace Group PP Multifilament Yarns are the ideal starting material for weaving, braiding and twisting. Their technical characteristics offer resistance to acids and alkalies.


  1. The wide range of our PP Multifilament Yarns is supported by a rich colour palette that includes natural, black and a large variety of colours, with tested colour fastness.
  2. They all offer excellent technical parameters, with high tenacity, chemical resistance and flexibility. Precision winding is available for coarse yarns.
  3. High quality twisting ensures an excellent result in warping, weaving and braiding. 
  1. 300 to 3,000 denier
  2. 100 / 148 / 200 filaments
  3. UV stabilised
  1. 500 to 22,000 denier
  2. 40 to 250 tpm, Z or S twist
  3. 100 / 148 / 200 Filaments
  4. UV stabilised
  1. 2x500 up to 2x1,500 denier
  2. 40 to 250 tpm, Z or S twist
  3. Conical or cylindrical spools
  4. UV stabilised


Slings, braided ropes, webbings, sewing, nets, belts, filtration fabrics.


  • Thrace NG S.A.

    Wovens & Needlepunched Nonwovens Division