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Gowns and Drapes


Thrace Group offers ThraceSHIELD_65M, a breathable laminate for PPE products, which meets the High Performance demands of EN 13795-1 (Surgical clothing and drapes – Requirements and test methods – Part 1: Surgical drapes and gowns) in both Critical and Less Critical areas. 

ThraceSHIELD_65M offers the maximum security against  dry microbial penetration according to EN ISO 22612 with a 0  CFU value and to the wet microbial penetration according to EN ISO 22610 with l value 6bc. It also offers the highest liquid penetration protection according to ISO 811 with hydrostatic head pressure value 200 cm H2O.

ThraceSHIELD_65M also meets ISO 16604, (Clothing for protection against contact with blood and body fluids —Determination of resistance of protective clothing materials to penetration by blood-borne pathogens — Test method using Phi-X174 bacteriophage) procedure C at 1,75 kPa and also comply with the demands of Commission Recommendation (EU) 2020/403 of 13 March 2020 on conformity assessment and market surveillance procedures within the context of the COVID-19 threat.



Thrace Group Nonwoven Spunbond for workwear is a spunlaid, continuous filament, thermally bonded fabric made out of 100% polypropylene. It is a non-toxic material that comes with a wide variety of characteristics.


Thrace Group Spunbond Nonwoven fabric is suitable for multiple medical and industrial applications. It is used for the production of surgical masks, head covers, surgical coats, aprons, shoe covers, protective overalls and face masks, chemical suits and many other applications.


  1. High tensile and tear strength
  2. Good fibre distribution
  3. Two bonding patterns
  4. 60 colour tones
  5. Available in one, two or three layers for increased barrier and protective properties
  6. Width: up to 3.3 m. Also available in jumbo rolls
  7. Weight: 12 to 150 gr/m2


Medical industry workwear



  • Thrace NG S.A.

    Spunbond Nonwovens Division