Announcement of Regulated Information in accordance with Law 3556/2007

Announcement of Regulated Information in accordance with Law 3556/2007 – Notification of transactions from persons closely related with persons discharging managerial responsibilities




The Société Anonyme under the name “THRACE PLASTICS HOLDING COMPANY COMMERCIAL SOCIETE ANONYME“ with the distinctive title “THRACE PLASTICS CO S.A.” (hereafter “the Company”), in compliance with the provisions of L. 3556/2007 and of articles 19 of the Regulation (EU) No 596/2014 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 16 April 2014 (hereafter “the Regulation”), and following relevant notification to the Company from February 23, 2023, announces that Mr. Stavros Chalioris son of Konstantinos, (person under obligation to notify transactions in compliance with the articles 19 of the Regulation, as a person closely related with person discharging managerial responsibilities, specifically with Mr. Konstantinos Chalioris, Chairman of the BoD of the Company), as a result of a transfer (donation) by a second degree relative, acquired on 21/02/2023, in an over-the-counter transaction, 212,071 common registered shares of the Company with voting rights, with a total value of 977,647.31 Euro (the total value is calculated based on the closing price of the share of the previous session, from the date the acquisition was completed).