Participation in the OilSpill research project

Thrace NG, a member of Thrace Group, participates in the subsidized research project "OilSpill" entitled: "High capacity, eco-nonwoven composites for oil spill response”

The object of this project is the development of an innovative composite fabric consisting of two nonwoven fabrics which will enclose a quantity of adsorbent material with application in oil capture for oil spill cleanup. The resulting composite material will have an improved cost/benefit ratio compared to existing commercial products, ecological character and high domestic added value. It stands to reason that the creation of improved, cost-competitive composite nonwovens containing porous particles with improved oil adsorbent properties is something that will be in significant commercial demand, as incorporating the adsorbent particles into the nonwoven fabric solves the problem of recovery of the particles from the sea after their use. Therefore, the aim of the project is to develop efficient adsorbent synthesis techniques that are amenable to immediate size scaling for industrial production in combination with the use of low-cost raw materials. The overall design includes the factor of sustainability with the choice of renewable raw materials (biomass) for the composition of the adsorbent materials. In addition, the development of materials will also be pursued with the use of mineral raw materials for better risk management. The evaluation of the behavior of the final product will be done in conditions that resemble the real ones, based on the experience and specialized equipment of the participants, while the production process of the product will be studied on a real scale, taking into account all the technical, economic and environmental parameters that affect the efficiency of the venture.

The project is financed by National and Community funds through the Regional Development Fund.