Creating solutions for a sustainable future

Thrace Group, responding to today’s challenges, remains dedicated to making a substantial contribution through its business activities to a sustainable future. The Group consistently advances in terms of its financial results and the direct and indirect value it creates. Moreover, it prioritizes the development of sustainable products and solutions, while actively demonstrating its commitment to society and the environment. Sustainable Development forms a "polymer" collaboration at the core of the Group’s strategy and culture.

The Report has been prepared in accordance with recognized standards (GRI, SASB, TCFD, ATHEX ESG, SDG). Its completeness and the outstanding performance of the Group are confirmed by significant assessments received from recognized international organizations. Its ranking on the highest Platinum scale in the Forbes ESG Transparency Index, a B rating from the largest international assessment organization, CDP, and participation in the ATHEX ESG index are strong evidence of its commitment to the principles of sustainable development.

Referring to the Report, the Group's President, Konstantinos Chalioris, emphasized: "The Group's strategy for continuous growth, coupled with a commitment to sustainability, lays the foundation for the Group's future prospects. It operates dynamically in the new business environment that is taking shape and can meet challenges and seize opportunities.”

On his part, the Group's CEO, Dimitrios Malamos, stated: "Our environmental strategy, within the framework of the circular economy and climate change, includes actions such as production of sustainable products, waste reduction, utilization of recycling opportunities, investment in renewable energy sources, and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions."

The actions and performance of Thrace Group in 2022, as outlined below, validate the dedication of its people, and underscore their commitment to the principles of sustainable development.

  • Increase in the use of recycled raw materials with the use of 13.4 thousand tons, which is an increase of 17.2% compared to 2021
  • Proper waste management with the goal of continuous improvement in the final disposal rate in Landfills
  • RecyClass product certification with the aim of promoting recyclability and ensuring traceability
  • Reduction of energy consumption achieved a 3.5% reduction in energy intensity compared to 2021 concerning production volume
  • Use of renewable energy sources with expansion of photovoltaic panels with a total capacity increase of 6.7 MW
  • Recording carbon footprint achieved a 1% reduction in emissions intensity (scope 1, 2) concerning production volume compared to 2021
  • Net zero target with the commitment to establish scientific targets for reducing carbon footprint
  • CDP assessment received a B score and climbed 2 ranks compared to 2021. The global average is C, while the industry average is B
  • EcoVadis assessment achieved 5 silver distinctions for performance related to society and the environment
  • The circular economy platform “IN THE LOOP” strengthens the value chain with 130 collaborating members.


The detailed Sustainability Report of Thrace Group for 2022 is available here.